SmartSync for NFON

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With SmartSync from NFON, you are always in full control of your contacts. Our automatic synchronization with your databases ensures that your contact data on your corporate phone is always up to date and enables instant caller identification. SmartSync obtains contact data from various sources and synchronizes it regularly with your NFON telephone system. This eliminates time-consuming searches for contacts and manual dialing of phone numbers.
Manual maintenance of telephone extensions is also no problem. A new employee starts, the telephone extension is created automatically. The employee name or e-mail address changes, this is automatically adjusted. The employment ends and the telephone extension is deleted promptly, so there are no costs longer than necessary.
SmartSync's unique features can be easily integrated into your existing NFON package.
Your benefits at a glance
SmartSync for NFON saves you time and therefore money every day. Your data is more up-to-date with less effort, so you benefit to the fullest extent.
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Better communication
Always know who's calling. A better customer experience increases satisfaction.
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Increased productivity
Manage your employee and contact data only once. Your phone list will be updated automatically.
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Always up-to-date
Your telephone extensions and employee configuration is always up to date. Don't forget a single action when employees join or leave the company.
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Contact visibility as required
Your employees see the contacts you want them to see. Their own contacts, departmental contacts or visible to all.
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Easy setup & operation
SmartSync for NFON is set up in just a few steps. Define sources and destinations and you're ready to go.
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High data privacy
Your personal data remains under your control. No data is transmitted to third-party systems.
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